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Meet Sharon Gillespie

As I looked at leaving the corporate world this past year and the roles in leadership I held, I searched my heart on how I could continue to serve. Through volunteering in several areas of the city I believe that serving the people of Ivins is what I should be doing. I hope to help preserve the unique spirit of Ivins while helping to guide it responsibly into the future. As I read through the survey comments from residents, it became clear that many feel the current council is not representing the residents of Ivins. I believe...
        This Is Your City And It Should Be Your Council

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Experience and Leadership

Business Experience
Sharon brings over 40 years of seasoned leadership and business experience from various industries to the table, including skills in fiscal decision-making and budget management. Sharon understands collaboration across multiple levels and organizations knowing how to balance organization dynamics but remain principled and true to those she serves.

Community Involvement
Sharon has focused on getting involved in the community since moving here. Serving as HOA President for 2 years, volunteering for various city committees/projects and attending multiple Planning Commission and City Council Meetings to understand the community and how she can serve.

Communication skills
Listening is critical, as people need to feel they are being heard. Sharon’s strong listening, verbal and written communication skills have been strengthened over years of successful leadership roles. Sharon’s philosophy has been that leadership requires consistency and courage when making tough decisions. A balanced approach has served her well in leadership roles during the last 30 years.

Commitment to Service

Community Initiatives
From supporting Wreaths Across America to volunteering for Ivins Survey, and Ivins Heritage Days Sharon has demonstrated commitment to staying involved.

Public Involvement
Sharon actively attends Ivins Planning Commission, City Council Meetings, and Public Hearings, speaking out and ensuring she remains in touch with the issues that are critical for the community.

Through her published articles and editorials, Sharon can articulate the message effectively and advocate for meaningful issues in Ivins.

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Personal Life

My husband Tim and I chose Ivins as our “forever home” over six years ago. We purposefully selected land in Ivins to live our dream. The beauty, recreational opportunities, safety/low crime, the night sky, cost of living were just some of the driving factors to choose Ivins. We remain grateful each day we made this choice. We love to hike, bike and Tim loves sharing his photos of our beautiful area.

Serving as HOA President for over 2 years in The Palisades afforded me the opportunity to learn more about our community and work with our city government. I have also served on several committees supporting Ivins.

There are no developers in our family, nor are we connected to the building or building supply industry or in building tourism for personal gain.

A Fresh Perspective for Ivins

What I have is over 40 years of business experience affording transferrable skills in the areas of:

  • Fiscal Decision Making

  • Budget Management

  • Understanding and Interpreting Codes and Statutes

  • Collaboration across all levels of organizations

  • Strong listening, verbal, and written communication skills

  • Executive presence

These skills are transferable to a leadership role anywhere, as in my last four roles where I had no knowledge of the company, industry, or business focus. My goal was to approach each with a strategy of quickly becoming a student and seeking first to understand. I will continue with the same strategy - to research and provide due diligence in serving the residents of all of Ivins. 

The specifics of my career can be found by visiting my LinkedIn Profile at

I value the individuals that have lived here a long time. Their knowledge and history are important. We choose to live here and having lived in a variety of places with differing and like issues will bring a fresh perspective and approach to problem-solving.

In the last year I have served:

  • Co-Chair for the Ivins Supporting Wreaths Across America. 

  • Volunteer for Ivins Survey with data entry and proofing surveys.

  • Attended and presented at multiple Planning Commission, City Council Meetings, and Public Hearings.

  • Published several articles and editorials on meaningful issues in Ivins.


I am continuing to serve as:

  • Heritage Days 2023 Sponsor and Advertising Coordinator

  • Event Coordinator for Ivins Supporting Wreaths Across America 2023

  • Volunteer to help create the Ivins Veterans Memorial.

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Join  In The Journey To Shape The Future Of Ivins.

Contact her to learn more or to share your thoughts and concerns. Together, we can make Ivins an even more wonderful place to live and work.

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