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Sharon Gillespie's Platform


Service through leadership has been a fundamental part of my life and work and I look to continue that leadership for the residents of Ivins.


  • Communication & Connection

City government needs to LISTEN to the residents! This must happen more than once a year at town hall meetings or at random public hearings. I believe that the City can communicate more frequently and with transparency and integrity with the residents of Ivins.  We need to explore new ways to share current information and updates from all departments of the city. We need to make sure that ALL residents in Ivins have the opportunity to be heard and have an avenue for input. One example I would like to implement is a "Did You Know?" series that provides information on news, updates, or, for example, how sales taxes are calculated, how much Ivins realizes and when.


  • Managed Growth

We are at the tipping point in Ivins. We need to make sure that we carefully evaluate all development proposals, infrastructure and resource management together in our decision-making on zoning, ordinance and building approvals. We need to make decisions consistent with our revised General Plan, the survey results representing 56% of Ivins households, and updated zoning and ordinance guidelines to keep Ivins unique. Moderate-income housing is needed and the complex part is how and where. .


  • Water

Communication is critical. First, we need to be consistently updated with all the facts and understand the actions being taken. Communication. Second, we need to hear other opinions and ideas. Working with the city leadership and the WA County Water Conservancy District and the State of Utah to be as collaborative as possible and make wise decisions not only for today but for the legacy we leave.


  • Public Safety

Our primary responsibility is to the residents of Ivins and to keep them safe. I support our police and fire team 100%. Budgets for Police, Fire/EMS are always a challenge and will continue to be as we grow. We need to help them serve us by searching for creative opportunities to meet these challenges.


  • Open Space

The great writer Wallace Stegner told us that the task of Westerners was to build a society to match the scenery. Are we doing the job? This is what the long-time residents had and why many of us moved here. This also solves the issues of managed growth and water usage and respecting the land. Development is certain, and doing so with care is mandatory.


  • Veterans

My grandfather was a veteran; my father was a veteran and my husband is a veteran. We cannot forget those who served to keep our country free. I have had the honor of serving on the Ivins Community Supporting Wreaths Across America team and am committed to helping in the fundraising to build a memorial to vets in the cemetery.

  • Arts

I grew up in the ballet, performed in an amphitheater-like Tuacahn outside Canyon Texas. My family has always been associated with theatre, ballet, competitive ice skating and arts and crafts. I understand what it can offer our children in terms of responsibility and discipline and opening minds to imaginative and creative ways to think.



  • Service: Early in my career, I decided what I wanted my legacy to be. That was and is - to make a difference in the lives of the people I serve. Listening to and serving the residents of Ivins is my purpose for running for City Council.


  • Housing: Moderate-income housing is a challenge and while we need to seek options, we also need to have the courage to communicate to the state government what is viable in Ivins.


  • Night Sky: We need to protect this unique aspect of Ivins while balancing safety and protecting property rights.


  • Fiscal Responsibility: We need to fund the city’s services. That comes from commercial revenue, property taxes, and building/impact fees. We need to begin making budget information more transparent, timely, and understandable for members of the public.

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Leadership requires consistency and courage when making tough decisions. A balanced approach has served me well in leadership roles during the last 30 years. Strong leaders understand that not everyone will agree and sometimes making decisions that are short term may not seem like putting the residents first, but for the long term, the residents are the primary consideration.

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