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Heritage Days! Ready Set Go!

Heritage Days, celebrating the founding of Ivins has been in place (as we recognize it today) since 2012. This year's celebration will be September 8-9 in Heritage Park right behind City Hall. There are so many fun activities. You can find the schedule at

I have had the honor of volunteering on this year's committee. It has been wonderful getting to know and collaborate with this committed group: Michelle Adams and Evelyn Kosidowski for the Arts Commission “It’s a Wrap” opening exhibit and Art Exhibit/Competition, Chris Haddad is heading up the Parade, Jamy Dahle recruited 50+ vendors/booths/food trucks, Jenny Johnson headed up the Mini Miss Pageant and is organizing all sorts of fun games for the kiddos along with Jamy and Kallie Johnson, Victoria Topman created our first Pie Baking Contest and is organizing another amazing Coyote Tales.

The glue that holds this whole group together and makes magic every day in our Parks and Recreation Department is Sarah Nash. We owe her and Benny Sorensen huge thanks for all they do. So please come out and support them!

My role was to gather sponsors. I would personally like to thank all our sponsors this year, they were very tolerant of my emailing, emailing again “Take Two,” calling, showing up at their business (with a smile), emailing again (“Last Call,”) and politely stalking them to get them on board. Here is why this role mattered to me.

In the spirit of “Did You Know?” Ivins Heritage Days has a budget of approximately $15,000. These monies come from our City Council and Mayor forgoing a salary increase to allow for these funds for Heritage Days. Heritage Days would not exist otherwise. The dollars raised in large part by the sponsorships help offset what the city has to spend. This year $7,500 was raised from 28 Sponsors and $580 from 58 Vendor Booths.

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