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Once Again..."One Size Doesn't Fit All"

Next Door Post 7-1-2023

I posted a blog about this concept a few weeks ago after the Affordable Housing Talk About. (Being a shopper, I do feel I am an expert on this not being true) Well, it seems like our state legislature is continuing along this line of thinking.

The Ivins City Council meeting last Thursday presented an eye-opening discovery. We have heard whispers and rumors about the state wanting to control land use decisions. I am new to this issue so still doing research and learning…but why are they looking to take this process and decision-making power away from the cities and the residents?

So, here are some of the “Cliff Notes” from that conversation (for those of us who remember those from college). The situation Thursday evening had to do with approving ordinance 2023-11 to comply with the new state law House Bill 406. This change now takes away the process of requiring a developer agreement on land use decisions if the land use regulations (General Plan, Zoning Ordinances and Subdivision Ordinances establish all practical standards for the development of the land.

It was stated that this is only the beginning, that “worse is going to come from the state legislature…in the next 6 months there will be no concept plan required and the city council will be out of the subdivision process.” It will be handled by the Planning Commission and committee that the City Council will set up. It was also stated that “this is what happens with a developer-dominated legislature.”

So once again, the “one size fits all approach” as they have done with requirements for affordable housing and not allowing for the uniqueness of a municipality, or city like Ivins. What can we do? We obviously have to follow the law, but the revision of the General Plan and ALL the Ordinances being updated is critical now more than ever and this new committee will be a critical component.

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